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Airport Escalator

My husband left yesterday for a business trip to Finland and he will come home later in the afternoon, when I checked our computer it was disconnected and I do not know how to fix it so I use my laptop instead. I was not into blogging for a few days because there were something happened badly to my family back in the Philippines, and now, I am getting better. Anyway, I was not participating to the new BPC since of what I mentioned and now I am trying to back my normal life.

I was checking some of the pictures I saved in my laptop and I found these two pictures that I took when I had my last vacation in the Philippines more than two years ago. These pictures were taken in Taipei Airport, It always made me smile when I see this moving escalator in the airport because this is very convenience to all traveler. And I get rest even in a short time.

When I planned to post this pictures, I was not really sure what is the exact name of the airport escalator which made me search about it. So I found different kind of name for this kind of escalator, it can call walking escalator, airport escalator, moving escalator and flat escalator, but the normal name for this is airport escalator call whatever you think you like. Haha. Btw, this will be my first entry for the BPC since I was late. I hope to get to know the blogger who are participating this meme and congrats to the new host Emz.

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